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BCS Communication Solutions is your cloud-based data and voice solutions provider. We deliver unified communications, hosted voice, SIP/IP trunking and more to improve collaboration and boost productivity across your organization. We also also Master Agents with providers such as Metronet, Spectrum and Cox Cable. We bring all services from fiber, coax or standard copper to your business. Founded on the principal of delivering exceptional customer service, our business communication solutions are backed by unparalleled support to deliver the best option to your business.

Unified Communications

Connect your phone system with applications, cell phones, desktop phones or a Mac or PC. Automating on a single platform — to run your business efficiently and effectively

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Ability proceeds from a fusion of skills, knowledge, understanding and imagination, consolidated by experience.
Luis Desalvo, CREO TECH
Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.
Shelia McCourtney, ARCHITECT


Work is no longer a place to go or a time of day. It’s about what you do, how you do it and getting stuff done. And to do that you depend on clear communication. Our solutions are in your workplace, a cell phone, or a headset with your laptop. Wherever you go, we go. Your business shouldn’t survive, it should thrive.