DECT Wireless Headsets Rochester, Minnesota

DECT Wireless Headset CS540 Convertible Series Rochester, Minnesota

CS540 Convertible Wireless Headset

The CS540 sets the wireless standard for desk phone communication. This convertible DECT™ headset features a streamlined design and professional performance so your employees can get more done—even on the move. The noise-canceling microphone reduces background noise interruptions, ensuring great audio quality and easing listener fatigue. Plus, it’s easy to deploy company wide. More freedom means more productivity

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DECT Wireless Headset SAVI 7200 Office Series Rochester, Minnesota

SAVI 7200 Office Series

Help everyone be more productive with the Savi 7200 Office Series of DECTTM wireless headsets for desk phones. Give workers more flexibility and confidence with up to 120 m/ 400 ft of roaming range and up to 12 hours of talk time after each charge. Make company-wide deployment easy and keep everyone comfortable with over-the-head mono or binaural style options and an adjustable headband. These cost-effective headsets are compatible with over 800 analog and IP desk phones. Say hello to your one-stop shopping solution for headsets and desk phones.

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DECT Wireless Headsets Benefits

Why your business needs DECT Wireless Headsets

Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications, or DECT phones, are basically the standard for cordless communications in a business environment. The DECT phone is the leading technology available for companies that want to create multi-cellular radio networks for their voice communication strategies. With DECT, you can connect your mobile handsets through base stations in your network, to ensure that you can move around your work environment with complete freedom.

There are many great benefits to DECT including:

Reliability: DECT was designed for voice. Operating on its own isolated frequency, it can ensure that voice is never competing for resources with another form of communication. DECT is the most reliable source for wireless communication in the market

Scalability: DECT is generally more scalable than other options like WiFi or “WLAN” voice. DECT can support up to seven handsets per access point in many cases, whereas WiFi is limited to potentially three or four

Security Features: DECT technology comes with a range of incredible security protocols such as authentication, encryption, identification, and so on. This reduces the overall need for external authentication services, minimizing IT efforts, and security maintenance. Because it functions on a closed system, DECT can also avoid problems like impersonation and eavesdropping

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