USB VoIP Headsets Rochester, Minnesota

Is your business looking for USB VoIP Headsets in Rochester, Minnesota? Sound quality is crucial when making calls and streaming multimedia. We always want to use the best headset for each environment, connection type, and personal wearing preference. We assume that “all headsets are created equal,” but that is not the case. Recently, we heard the statement: “Jack connections work more reliably than USB ones” when used with PCs; in fact, USB headsets offer more benefits and better sound quality, as well as reliability. 

USB headsets bypass your computer’s sound card and use their own sound processing system, for better sound quality than 3.5mm headsets. USB headsets benefit from digital-to-analog processing outside of the computer. USB processes digital sound from your device and runs it through its sound system that filters out the audio and removes ambient noise, resulting in much cleaner sounds. For rich wideband audio, and to hear more highs and lows, USB connection is typically preferred. USB provides a lifelike audio experience, compared with 3.5mm headsets.

Another great feature found in USB headsets: in-line call controllers, for ease of call management. Buttons for answer/end, volume, and mute are standards for the control units.

USB VoIP Headset ENCOREPRO 300 Series Rochester, Minnesota

ENCOREPRO 300 Series

Yes, you can have it all in a contact center headset—for your workers, customers, and budget. The Poly EncorePro 300 Series gives your call teams headsets created for all-day comfort, reliability, acoustic protection and voice optimization. So, they can perform at their best throughout their shifts. Better yet, your customers get more clarity, thanks to noise canceling. Your accounting and IT departments are happy knowing that these headsets come from a renowned company. Get more reliability, a better customer experience, a healthy bottom line and exceptional value..

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USB VoIP Headset ENCOREPRO 500 Series Rochester, Minnesota

ENCOREPRO 500 Series

The EncorePro 500 Series smarter headsets let your employees take calls from home or office, regardless of how they connect to a PC. They’re the first call center digital headsets to connect you to everything Teams has to offer, even while you’re on a call. Hybrid working has never been easier. They even adjust audio performance to your specific headset, giving you ideal call quality, every time. The controls are a breeze, including a single hold button for audio and video (USB models). Designed to preserve your hearing and built to take years of punishment, these headsets make true flexibility your new reality.

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USB VoIP Headset ENCOREPRO 700 Series Rochester, Minnesota

ENCOREPRO 700 Series

A high-performing headset sets up a great contact center experience. EncorePro 700 Series features excellent noise canceling for accurate voice interactions and fewer repeats—and helps keep customers happy. The adjustable microphone with its pivoting boom can be positioned in just the right place for transmitting super-clear calls. So customers catch every word—and you catch theirs. Each headset is rigorously tested in our own manufacturing facility—so we didn’t miss a thing. Award-winning design? Check. Superior audio quality? Check. Premium look and feel? Check. The EncorePro 700 Series is highly reliable in the most intensive environments—it’s built to last.

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USB VoIP Headset Benefits

USB VoIP Headsets Rochester, Minnesota

Why your business needs USB VoIP Headsets

USB VoIP Headset Blackwire 8225 Rochester, Minnesota

Blackwire 8225

Is your open office affecting productivity? Help teams keep noise out and focus—with the Poly Blackwire 8225 premium headset. Conversations stay clear and private with the flexible, noise-canceling microphone enhanced with Acoustic Fence technology. And users have less distractions with the built in on-call indicator. Users can customize their experience by adjusting the hybrid active noise canceling (ANC) to suit their environment. So sound quality for calls and stereo music is premium. And the fit is, too—lightweight and comfortable, designed for wearing all day.

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USB VoIP Headset Blackwire 5200 Rochester, Minnesota

Blackwire 5200 Series

If you wear a headset for hours, the Blackwire 5200 Series is your jam. Ergonomically designed, it’s comfortable enough to wear all day. And you get the freedom to plug into the compatible device of your choice with 3.5mm connectivity.

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USB VoIP Headset Blackwire 3325 Rochester, Minnesota

Blackwire 3300 Series

Blackwire 3300 Series provide a best-in-class audio experience in a headset built for enterprise deployment. Even better, workers want to wear it—so your investment pays off. The great appeal of the Blackwire 3300 Series is apparent at first sight: It has a modern, stylish design. Its microphone boom is flexible so workers can customize the fit. And the headset is fully adjustable with a comfort padded headband, pillow soft ear cushions, and 180-degree pivoting speakers. Not only that, it sounds as good as it looks—with high-quality audio you’d expect from Poly. And if it’s starting to sound expensive, we’ve got good news. Blackwire 3300 Series is priced to fit your budget.

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Inspired Wired

BCS Communications sells wired USB VoIP headsets people love because they help make their work easier and their conversations more productive. The Blackwire Series headsets look great, fit comfortably, sound amazing, and last long. They plug into everyone’s favorite devices, with standard PC and 3.5mm connectivity options. And more good news for IT: plug-and-play installation plus the headsets’ popularity eases company-wide deployment.

USB VoIP Headsets Rochester, Minnesota

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